OWPCC Annual Conference, October 8-11, 2018

The Oklahoma Water & Pollution Control Conference (OWPCC) is an annual conference that caters to individuals in the water and wastewater industry. Conference attendees can pursue continuing education classes, sit in on keynote presentations and exchange knowledge and ideas with others in the industry. This event is designed to encourage networking and highlight outstanding performance, as well as offer educational opportunities.


Short School from Oct 8th through Oct 10th
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Vendors & Sponsors

Our conference vendors have been so supportive of OWPCC by purchasing booth space, giving demonstrations and answering questions. Please consider these companies when a product or service is needed.

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Dan Gilmartin

Keynote Speaker

Dan Gilmartin 
Michigan Municipal League Executive Director

By now we have all read about the water problems in Flint, Michigan and seen the impact on city residents. But, have we asked ourselves, "How could this happen in one of America's historic cities? And could it happen here?" Dan will discuss the issues that led to the catastrophe in Flint and what must be done to turn the city's fortunes around.

Water Tasting Contest Winner

Congratulations to City of Norman for winning the 2017 WATER TASTE CONTEST.

Rose State College takes over management of the OWPCA Conference

In order for OWPCC (fka OWPCA) to continue Rose State College was asked to take over the management and day to day operations of the organization. Rose State College is also taking on the financial responsibilities of this years short school. OWPCA no longer has a bank account under it's name, which is why we need all checks and P.O's made out to Rose State College.